Guest Column From Your Field Agent-Matt Marcel

I am here to share with you the story of a very special Family, The Deshotel’s.  I met Bart and Nicole Deshotel about 11 years ago when Matt and I were in the process of adopting our first child, Connor, through Catholic Charities.  Bart and Nicole at that time were in the process of adopting their daughter, Hannah.  They are an amazing family.  Bart is a career Firefighter with the St. George Fire Department.  Nicole is also in the community service industry as a nurse with OLOL and the Tau Center.  Then there is Noah, who is one of the smartest 16 year olds I know, with a heart bigger than he is; Hannah who is a beautiful, smart 10 year old, and finally Jonah, our special surprise baby who is now 3 and the reason for this presentation. Two years after we met this wonderful couple the unthinkable happened, we lost our beautiful son to an accidental drowning.  I truly do not know how we would have made it through this dark time without these two people.  They basically put their life on hold to help Matt and I get through this time. Almost four years ago, Bart and Nicole thought their family was complete, Nicole had even entertained the idea of selling her van..ha..ha.  But Hannah and the GOOD LORD, had other plans.  Because you see Hannah had been praying for a baby brother and the LORD was listening. So when Nicole got a phone call from another homeschool mom asking if they wanted to adopt a baby that was due in a month and the previous adoption plan had fallen through because the baby was going to be born hydrocephalic.  Nicole said, Let me think about it and ask Bart. Then she texted Bart, jokingly, of course and said, “I just got a call and my friend wanted to know if we wanted to adopt another baby…ha..ha.”  Bart’s response was shocking, he said, “Is it a boy!”  Nicole’s jaw hit the ground and she said, “Yes.”  Bart said, “Well, you know I have always wanted a little boy named Jonah.”  Nicole, then told Bart this baby’s story how his mother had problems and that the baby would be born Hydrocephalic.  They did the one thing they always do, they prayed.  Then they said yes we will adopt this baby that no one else wanted.  Then   a month later they get a call saying the birth mother was giving birth in San Antonio, Texas and if they wanted the baby they would have to be there at 9:00am the next morning, to be in court.  Bart and Nicole took off at 8:00 pm to San Antonio Texas to meet their son.  They went to the court and adopted this beautiful boy before they even met him.  Within hours Jonah was in surgery to correct some gastric problems and that was only the beginning.  He then had surgery to insert a shunt from his brain to his heart to release the fluid on his brain.  This surgery was going to give Jonah a chance at a normal life.  However, several months after his birth they found out that Jonah’s birth mom was a drug addict and Jonah was a very drug addicted baby.  Jonah began having seizures, as many as seventy a day,  he lost the sight in his left eye, and  began to lose the progress in his development that he had made.  Life as Jonah’s parents has been a challenge to say the least, you see it was at this time they were told they could not apply for Medicaid for Jonah.  But that would not stop this amazing family from helping this child and doing what is right for Jonah.  Local doctors told them there was no hope, even when Jonah proved them wrong at every turn, you see doctors said Jonah would not learn, and probably not walk.  Yet, Jonah is not only walking but running, at least before the seizures got really, really bad.  Nicole and Bart had Faith, in GOD and in Jonah.  She found some wonderful doctors at a hospital in Tennessee that said Jonah did have hope and they would do whatever they could to give him his chance.
Now their lives have gotten really difficult, Jonah can have up to seventy seizures a day and that is on a good day.  He needs lots of medicine, one costing $2500 a month and frequent trips to Tennessee to a doctor who does believe in Jonah.  In the month of October they have made 4 trips to Tennessee for medical issues with Jonah.  They do have insurance but it does not cover some of the medicines.  Last year the Insurance paid over $1 million dollars in medical coverage, and this year they are considering raising their deductible to $10,000.  If they can stop the seizures Jonah can get back to his mischievous self.  They have applied for Medicaid and Disability and were denied both, this I do not understand.  Bart and Nicole are good Christian, hardworking people.  But between homeschooling two other children and each trying to hold down jobs and dealing with Jonah.  Nicole has had to move to very part time position at OLOL because Jonah requires so much. Jonah requires around the clock supervision.  When Bart is not working at the St. George Fire Department or working part time at the Prairieville Fire Department, he is giving Nicole a break with Jonah.  The way they care for this child and their other two children, Noah and Hannah, is truly remarkable.   Don’t get me wrong Bart and Nicole would not trade their life with anyone.  Nor do they ever regret their adoption decision.  However, having missed so much work they would really appreciate some financial help with the medicines and travel expenses.  It is taking everything they have to allow me to ask for help.  But, in their eyes if it helps Jonah then they will do everything.   These two people have ALWAYS been the givers, and to this day anytime anyone asks Nicole for help the answer is always YES.  I have set up a Go Fund Me account so that we can help them cover their deductible when the insurance doesn’t pay for his medicine.  We are also looking into some fundraising options.  November is National Adoption Month so it is fitting that we help this family who has adopted a very, very special baby.   So if you could see it in your heart to give a little… it would and is much appreciated.
Donate at the GO FUND ME – Jonah’s Medical fund

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