Help Needed at the 4pm Vigil Mass

Do you like to sing?  Vivian Lucek, parish Choir Director is asking the KCs for help to sing at the 4:00 PM Saturday Vigil Mass.  Patti Lauve, who has directed the Vigil Mass choir, has temporarily stepped down from her duties so she can focus her energies on the care of her mother who recently fell victim to a stroke.  The Saturday Vigil has become one of the most attended masses, yet has the lowest participation of Choir members. Singing talent is not a prerequisite for participation.  Also, those with a musical instrument background are also invited to join in.  If you are interested in helping out with the music ministry, this choir meets at 3:00 PM for practice just before the Vigil Mass each Saturday.  You may call Vivian at 752-3575 or simply show up on Saturdays at 3 pm in the Music classroomin the Preschool Education Center.

Food Preparation Events Coming Up
Marty Mumphrey announces the following food preparation events for March and April.  To volunteer or for more info, contact Marty at or 225-439-3219.
February 10th – March 27th every Friday in Lent with the exception of March 11th and Good Friday from 2:00PM till 8:00 PM
First Group (2:00 till 5:30) – cutting fish, preparing coleslaw, baking sweet potatoes, baking Tilapia, tartar sauce prep, readying of fryers, fish and French frying.
Second group (5:00 till 6:30) – cooking and serving
Third group (6:30 till closing) – cooking, serving and cleanup
So far these events have been well staffed, please continue to volunteer when you are available
March 10th – LSU meal
Beef stew, salad, roll and cookie – to be served at 11:30
To serve 400
Cook: Jackie Brady, volunteers? (Start at 8:00AM)
Servers: need volunteers
March 12th – St. Patrick’s dinner
beef stew over mashed potatoes, green beans, and dessert – after 4:00 mass on Saturday
To serve 600
Potato peeling: need volunteers (start at 9:00AM)
Cook: Jackie Brady, and volunteers (cooking to start at 1:00 PM)
Servers: need volunteers
April 21st and 22nd – Special Olympics lunch
Jambalaya, salad roll and cookie – to feed 200 each day
Cooks: need volunteers (start 7:30 AM)
Servers: need volunteers (start at 11:00AM)
A special thanks to Jeremy Skupien and Manda Fine Meats for helping us keep down the cost of our dinners. Also a special thanks to Paul Geissler and Exxon Mobil for grants that help pay for some of our dinners. And last but not least, all the Knights, Auxiliary, and retired Exxon employees volunteers that put in so many hours preparing and serving meals.
I thank all of you for your hard work bringing meals to so many.
Marty Mumphrey
Food Director KofC Council 8601

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