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New members are the lifeblood of the Order. All the good deeds done by the Order are driven by the members. Over the past decade, Knights have given more than $1.55 billion to charity and provided in excess of 673 million hours of service. And our membership has merely scratched the surface in North America. Imagine the potential.

KC Insurance Has Top Financial Rating 

The KC Supreme Council re­ported July 11, 2013 that financial ratings agency A.M. Best had affirmed the Order’s A++ financial rat­ing for the 38th consecutive year. It was also announced that in June the Knights of Columbus had exceeded $90 billion of insurance in force, a new milestone.

Established in 1882 as a fraternal benefit society, the Knights of Columbus has worked since its inception to help members protect their families’ fi­nancial futures. What began as a “pass-the-hat” bene­fit program has grown into one of the nation’s premier insurers.

In addition to the Knights of Columbus’ strong market presence in Catholic communities in the United States and Canada, A.M. Best also cited the Order’s large network of local councils and “consistently pos­itive statutory ratings, excellent per­sistency and a solid level of risk-adjusted capitalizations” as pos­itive ratings factors.

“Earning A.M. Best’s top rating again this year underscores the strength of our sustainable business model, despite the slow recovery and continued economic uncertainty,” said Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson.

Having surpassed S90 billion, the amount of life insurance in force has more than doubled from $40 billion since Supreme Knight Anderson took office in 2000. Today, the Knights of Columbus has more than $19.8 bil­lion in assets under management and ranks among the Fortune 1000 list of America’s largest companies.

from Columbia Magazine, Aug 2013