Auxilliary News

The St. Patrick K.C. Ladies Auxiliary is an organization which assists the Knights of Columbus Council 8601 and promotes good fellowship through religious and social activities. The Auxiliary meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month (the same date as the KC Council) in the St. Patrick Parish Family Center beginning with a potluck supper followed by the general meeting. Membership is open to all females, Catholic or non-Catholic, age 18 or older, with a willingness to support the endeavors of Council 8601. It is not necessary that a Ladies Auxiliary member be married to a Knights of Columbus member. For more information or to join the Auxiliary, contact Amy Lawler at 225-288-30558 or Lorraine Lauret at 225-223-6742.

Auxiliary Monthly News

Hey Ladies!

I hope you each had a wonderful Christmas and we ALL enjoy a very Blessed 2023!

KEY POINTS for January 2023:

KC Ladies Auxiliary meeting: Thu Jan 5th at 6:30 PM in the Family Center. Since we begin with a potluck supper bring something yummy to eat! After the joint meeting with the Knights, the Ladies will conduct our separate meeting.

At this meeting, we will refresh our memories about the next Rosary to be led by a Knight and a Lady. We will also talk about the Donut Sunday that we will host with the Knights. 

White Oak Residents: Thu Jan 26th at 10:00 AM a service will be held for the Residents of White Oak Post Critical Care facility (Nottingham Rehab). Please plan to arrive at 9:30 AM to help with setup and getting the residents to the Mass. Contact Mary Lynn Segalla with questions.

Ideas for something fun we can do together! Andreal & Renee – more?

More good things to discuss at our meeting! Hope to see you there!

Feel free to email, text or call me with any ideas, questions or concerns!

Love in Christ, Amy

President of the K.C. Auxiliary


 Living in the presence of God causes us to dance for joy. It is easy to lose sight of his presence. It is easy to wander from his ways. It is easy to become blind to his presence as a result of the crippling selfishness that we all fall victim to if we are left to our own devices. Fortunately, God is not content leaving us to our own devices.

The more we close the gap between the person we are today and the person God created us to be, the more we will experience that joy. The more we close the gap between the life we are living today and the life Jesus invites us to live through the Gospels, the more we will experience that joy.

So what stops us from closing the gap and dancing for joy?

Who or what is robbing you of joy?

Howard Thurman

White Oak Critical Care Center Mass


White Oak Critical Care Center mass will be held on Thursday, November 17nd from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM at 2828 Westfork Drive off of South Sherwood Forest Boulevard.  You are always welcome to join us as we visit with the residents at White Oak.

Auxiliary Officers 2022-2023  


• President – Amy Lawler
• Vice President – Lorraine Laurent
• Treasurer – Eretta Perrien
• Recording Secretary – Lynn Hitchcock
• Corresponding Secretary -Laura Roshto
• Board Member – Renee Lindsey                                                                                                                                            • Parliamentarian- Mary Godeaucx

Ladies Auxiliary Group


“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone,

but the things you do for others remain your legacy”