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LSU Luncheon

The KofC Council 8601 and the St. Patrick’s Ladies Auxiliary purchased, prepared, delivered and served lunch for approximately 250 students at Christ the King Church on October 20th. The students were very appreciative and seemed to enjoy the jambalaya, salad and bread pudding. Thanks to Marty Mumphrey and all who helped (see photos below). We had five ExxonMobil participants who earned sufficient service hours for me to apply for another $500 grant.

Memorial Mass

A special Memorial Mass will be held starting at 3:00 pm, Saturday, November 5th at St. Patrick’s Church. The Mass will honor those Knights of Columbus members that have died in the past year. The Forth Degree Honor Guard will participate. Please plan to attend.

Ultrasound Initiative

We have received word that all paperwork and other requirements for the ultrasound machine to be ordered by the Women’s Help Center in North Baton Rouge is complete. Supreme is putting up its half of the $33,000 machine in the amount of $16,500. PreBorn is paying $9,993.75 so that all the local organizations need pay is $6,506.25. That means the Fund, managed by St. Thomas More Council 5530, to which Counsel 8601 contributed $500, now will contribute four thousand dollars to the ultrasound machine needed by Women’s Life Ministries in Amite. As he need arises, the Fund will be used to meet the challenges of the future.Brothers, thank you all for your dedication to the cause of life.

Silver Rose Program

The Silver Rose program demonstrates the unity between Knights of Columbus in Canada, the United States and Mexico, through a series of prayer services promoting the dignity of all human life and honoring Our Lady. Each year, from early March through mid-December, Silver Roses (see photo below) are stewarded by Knights of Columbus councils along routes from Canada to Mexico. Every stop the Silver Rose makes throughout the pilgrimage is a rosary-centered occasion for Knights, parishioners and community members to pray for respect for life, for the spiritual renewal of each nation, and for the advancement of the message of Our Lady of Guadalupe.The rosary-centered occasion for Knights, parishioners and community members to pray for respect for life was celebrated at St. Jean Vianney Catholic Church, hosted by Council 9247, on October 23rd. Participating in the 4th Degree Honor Guard for the event were SK/ Kevin Heltz and SK/ Joe Lawler (photo below).

Recruitment Weekend

The Council 8601 conducted a recruitment weekend on October 10th & 16th. A talk describing the origin and purpose of the Knights of Columbus was given at each of the four Masses. Men in the congregation were invited to visit with the Knights when exiting the Church and learn more about our organization. The event was very successful, and a number of men are likely to become Knights because of this effort. Thanks to all the Knights that participated and a special thanks to the speakers:  Mike Giroir, Bill Coorpender, Curtis Lauret and Richard Littrell.

Star Council Award

Star Awards recognize outstanding achievement in membership, insurance, programming, and overall operations. Earning a Star Award is the marker of a high performing Knights of Columbus unit and the goal to which every council, district, and assembly should strive. Star Council, Star District and Star Assembly Awards can be earned by completing criteria designed specifically for each division of the Knights of Columbus. We have known for quite some time that our Council earned the award. The photo below shows the Council Grand Knight receiving the award trophy from District Deputy Russell Ruh. 

Coats for Kids

This program provides warmth for children in need during cold winter months. The goal of the Coats for Kids program is to ensure that no child in North America goes without a coat during the winter season. Through the dedication of councils across the United States and Canada, hundreds of thousands of new winter coats have been distributed to children since program inception.Council 8601 donated $500 to this program. The expenditure will be reimbursed to the Council through the ExxonMobil Volunteer Involvement Program. 

Thanksgiving Holiday

This year the Council has elected to give gift cards to the needy families in our Parish instead of cooking and delivering meals. I am currently waiting on a list of those families from the St. Vincent de Paul ministry. We will decide on the delivery method for the cards at our next Council Meeting.


Here’s wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. If you are traveling, please be extra careful because I want to see you at our next Council Meeting on November 3rd. Deacon Pete will be giving a talk on the book Awake, not Woke.


Roger Travasos, Pat Mauras, Grace Cazes, Ildi Gajda, Bobby Jarreau


                               SK/ Joe Lawler, Renee Lindsey

Picture6                                                Picture7

SK/ Kevin Heltz and SK/ Joe Lawler                                                                  Silver Rose​


Grand Knight receiving the award trophy from District Deputy Russell Ruh. ​

Viva Jesus

Joe Lawler

Grand Knight, Council #8601​

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Marty Mumphrey

What’s Cooking with Marty

Cooking schedule for November and December

November 7th – Metanoia- Faye Coorpender

November 12th – Born to run – to be served at Town Square downtown Baton Rouge – sausage po-boys for 250

Cooks – meet at 7:00AM to pick up equipment to bring to North Blvd. Town Square

(please let me know if you will be coming, as timing may change before event)

Servers and additional cooks – meet at KC8601 booth around 9:00AM

November 19th and 20th – K.C. Ladies Auxiliary Bake Sale – please see Amy Lawler for details.

December 12 – Metanoia – to be announced

Marty Mumphrey

Food Director KofC Council 8601

A special thanks to Jeremy Skupien, Manda’s fine meats and ExxonMobil. Both companies help us feed the masses. Please support these companies when possible.

I thank all of you for your hard work bringing meals to so many.


Michael Giroir   Membership Report

Mike Giroir

Mike GiroirMembership Director



District Deputy Report         

Russell Ruh

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                Financial Secretary’s Message

                                                 Bill Bozelle
Guest Speaker at September 1, 2022 Meeting
Our guest speaker for the recent September meeting, Don Allison. He is a deacon candidate for the Class of 2023. He talked about the types of forgiveness and the forgiveness he dealt within his life.
DSCN0601 - Copy 
Awards Announced at December 2021 Meeting
Linda Mumphrey, Margaret Mannino, Renee Lindsey awarded Lady of the Month, ? awarded First Degree Knight Certificate, Lester Hitchcock award Knight of the Month 
Guest Accepted Something KC and Ladies Auxiliary
Our guest, Norman Boone, accepted a check on the behalf of St. Vincent de Paul from the Ladies Auxiliary.
ken Koehler and Amy Lawler presenting a check to St. Vince DePaul
Group Picture of Potential Knights of Columbus

Awards Announced at November 2021 Meeting                                                                  Mickey Brown was named Knight of the Month for September at recent November 7 meeting. Congratulation to Mickey Brown!!!!!!! See Mickey Brown picture on the Awards and Community Activity page.

Awards Announced at October 2021 Meeting                                                                  Mike Giroir and Marty Mumphrey was named Knight of the Month for September at recent October 7 meeting. Congratulation to Mike Giroir and Marty Mumphrey!!!!!!! See Mike Giroir and Marty Mumphrey picture on the Awards and Community Activity page.

Awards Announced at August 2021 Meeting                                                                        Bill Bozzelle and Curtis Lauret was named Knight of the Month for July and a special award for the Council at recent August 5 meeting. Congratulation to Bill Bozzelle and Curtis Lauret!!!!!! See Bill Bozzelle and Marty Mumphrey picture on the Awards and Community Activity page.

Speaker at July 2019 Meeting
Our guest speaker for the recent July meeting, Deacon Robbin Tomplet. He talks about hospitably towards visitors, guests, and even strangers.  
Speaker at May 2019 Meeting
Our guest speaker for the recent May meeting, Stacy Lamar, MS, M.ED, Program Director from Sanctuary House and St. Patrick House. She talked about the services they offer the community.
Award Announced at April 2019 meeting
EJ Hebert was named Knight of the Month for March at the recent April 4 meeting. Congratulations to EJ Hebert!!!!!!!!!
Speaker at March 2019 meeting
Our guest speaker for the recent March meeting, Connie Anderson, Director of Donor Relations from Evergreen Life Services. She talked about a wheelchair ministry and their services they offer the community.
Award Announced at February 2019 Meeting
John Coco was named Knight of the Month for January at the recent February 7 meeting. Congratulation to John Coco!!!!!!! See John Coco picture on the Photos page.
Awards Announced at January 2019 Meeting
Lester & Lynn Hitchcock was named Family of the Month for December at the recent January 3 meeting. Bryon Hume was named Knight of Month. Congratulations to Lester & Lynn Hitchcock/ Bryon Hume!!!!!!!!!!
Introduce the 2022-2023 Officers
Grand Knight- Joe Lawler                         Recorder- Jimmy Doles                              First Trustee- Jim Cazes
Deputy Grand Knight- Mike Giroir          Inside Guard- Kevin Baronne
Chancellor- Jay Cefalu                              Outside Guard- Bill Coorpender                   
Advocate- Curtis Lauret                            Financial Secretary- Bill Bozzelle
Treasurer/Lecturer- Mickey Brown          Third Trustee- Joseph Mannino
Warden- Butch Pitchford                          Second Trustee- Richard Littrell
Time to Get Your KC Shirt for Spring

The Council’s Membership Director John Ricca asks that you let others know you are a member of the KCs.  Buy a shirt; buy a cap; dust off your name badges and wear them often.  John says, “Wear your Council shirts to mass!”  Others will see the logo and might approach you to want to know more about the Council.  Don’t have a shirt?  Order one – see below.

John can furnish an order form – just give him a call at 753-0393.   Merchandise is available in Green or White and comes in various sizes.  You can even have the logo placed on your “own” shirt, cap, or whatever.  See product descriptions below.  The prices include tax.

Hanes polo shirt, 100% cotton, no pocket, short sleeve.  Green or white.  $23.00 each (XXL is $25.00)

Port Authority Full Button-down shirt, with pocket, 100% twill, button-down collar, short sleeve.  $30.00 each (XXL $32.00)

Port Authority Full Button-down shirt, with pocket, 100% twill, button-down collar, long sleeve.  $37.00 each (XXL $39.00)

Richardson cap, one size fits all. $13.00

KC logo placed on any of your own person items – shirts, caps, aprons, etc. (indicate your item on the form).  $8.68 each logo placement



Binary world

Binary world

Website Director request
Kevin Baronne -our current Website Director ask if anyone has anything they would to put on the website, they should direct the information and photos to