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·         Fish Fry – February 24th

We had a fantastic turnout for the Fish Fry Event this past Friday night. We sold 257 meals and had a profit of $1,661. Everything went smoothly except for the fact that we had a larger than expected crowd for the dine-in experience. We didn’t have sufficient tables for seating and we ran out of drinks and water early. We have addressed the problem and we will be better prepared for the event next week. We had plenty of help with both the cooking and the serving. Thank all of you who participated and please come back next week.

·         Congratulations to the State Winners for the “Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest” for the year 2022-2023. Note that our Council has two winners listed.

Ages 5-7     

Camille England

St. Patrick Council 8601 (Baton Rouge)

Ages 8-10

Serianna Kroll

St. Alphonsus Liguori Council 2807 (Greenwell Springs)

Ages 11-14 

JJ Yacoub

St. Patrick Council 8601 (Baton Rouge)

·         Congratulations to the Winners for the 2022-2023 “Knights of Columbus Essay Contest” listed below. In spite of our best efforts our Council had no entry this year.

8th Grade     Student Name                     Diocese                     Council #

1st Place        Ryleigh Delcambre              Lafayette                   5345

2nd Place      Cory Jarvis                            Lake Charles            385

9th Grade

1st Place        Logan Curole                        Houma/ Thibod         9000

2nd Place      Mary Schrader                      Lake Charles            3857

10th Grade

1st Place        Lucy Baker                            Lafayette                   5345

2nd Place      Jett Le                                    Houma/ Thibod         8840

11th Grade

1st Place        Beaux Curole                        Houma/ Thibod         9000

2nd Place      Mia Stelly                               Lafayette                   5345

12th Grade

1st Place        Jessica Champagne           New Orleans             2732

2nd Place      Isabella Bull                          Baton Rouge             9247

·         The Knights of Columbus State Convention will be held in Lafayette on May 5th – 6th. I have been appointed to the Budget and Finance Committee and will proudly represent our Council in that capacity.

·         The Semi-Annual Audit was completed and submitted prior to the February15th deadline.

·         The State Free Throw Contest will be conducted in Lafayette on March 11th. Our Council will be represented by Laura Goff in the 13 year age group and Matthew Goff in the 14 year age group. We are proud of them for making it this far and good luck in the State Contest.

That’s all I have for now. We are looking forward to another successful fish fry this coming Friday and pray for good weather. Get out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. It won’t be long before we are all looking for air conditioning!

Viva Jesus

Joe Lawler

Grand Knight, Council #8601

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Marty Mumphrey

What’s Cooking with Marty

Cooking schedule for March 2023


Lenten Dinners

February 24th thru March 31st   – Friday Lenten dinnersserving dinners from 5:00PM till 6:30PM

Prep time: start time 2:00 PM – cut fish, make coleslaw – setup fryers

Fry Cook time: start time 4:00PM –start frying fish and French fries to be ready starting at 5:00PM

I will need a person to sell drinks and one to distribute fish dinners outside. Please let me know if you would like this job.


March 13thMetanoia – chicken Alfredo, cookies, and salad

Preparation time: 8:00AM Monday.  I will be heading up meal but could use some help. I will leave Family center at 10:00AM to go to St. Johns in Zachary.


March 16thCajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament – Chicken Alfredo, bread pudding, salad and roll – cooking for 350

Preparation time: 8:00 AM to be delivered to YMCA. Will leave Family Center at 10:45 to be there for 11:15.

Cooks and servers needed.

March 22ndSpecial Olympics – sausage po-boys, chips, and cookie – cooking for 125

Preparation time: 9:30AM We will leave at 11:00 to be at Woodlawn for 11:30

Cooks and Servers needed.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks for all the help at the last fish fry. The dinner went quite well. We will fine tune this week to accommodate the dine-in people. Please remember to have fun. This should be a work of love.

Marty Mumphrey

Food Director KofC Council 8601

A special thanks to Jeremy Skupien, Manda’s fine meats and ExxonMobil. Both companies help us feed the masses. Please support these companies when possible.

I thank all of you for your hard work bringing meals to so many.


Michael Giroir   Membership Report

Mike Giroir

Mike GiroirMembership Director



District Deputy Report         

Russell Ruh

mail (1)
                Financial Secretary’s Message

                                                 Bill Bozzelle


Everywhere you go nowadays, they usually prefer to be paid by “plastic” (a debit or credit card).  You can slide it, or plug it in so that the chip can be read, you can even just “tap” the card on the reader pad.  Well, 8601 has been High Tech for several years now, at least when it comes to payments at our Fish Fry Fund Raisers.  We have been using the SQUARE processing program.  But now, in answer to your requests (Kevin Heltz, Worthy DA) we are setting up a DUES Billing and PAYING system completely online and paperless (and they said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks).

The problem, as I see it, is for this old dog to teach the rest of you old dogs the new trick. Actually, you may have to get your teenage grandkid to help on this one lol.

We do not want our dues money going through the Supreme Accounting office so this will have to be a little complicated, but I’m confident that any of you who are interested will be able to pay online.  The rest of you can still pay by paper check and even with CASH (provided you have TWO forms of photo ID-you can’t trust cash any more nowadays).  We’re sorry, but we CANNOT accept Crypto Currency as payment so you’ll have to unload your worthless Bit Coins somewhere else.

So, now for the instructions:

Sometime next week you’ll receive your 2023 Dues Invoice by way of an email from Supreme.  If you want to pay by check or cash, just print out that form and get me your payment.  Do NOT reply directly to Supreme.

If you want to pay by credit card, please contact me by phone or email  to ask for an electronic invoice.  I’ll then send you a second invoice with a link for you to use to log on and make your payment through SQUARE.  It will be set up just like any other online Credit Card system, and the money goes directly to our account.  The only downside is that, like everything else in the cyber world, we are charged a “handling fee” for each payment.  The fee is a percentage of the payment-plus 30 cents.  We have decided to pass that fee on to you who pay online to the tune of $2.00 per payment of “regular dues” and $1.00 for Honorary Dues.  Your invoice will reflect that.  There’s even a line for a “tip”. If you are so pleased with my set up you may add a “little something” to your payment for my efforts (lol).

That’s all there is to it, as far as I can tell.  I would imagine there will be some “kinks” to iron out (no I gave up ironing my hair many years ago).  Please be patient as we work through this change.  Here’s a thought, if you do NOT get an invoice, it probably means that Supreme has your email address incorrect.  So, if you do not get the first email invoice by January 10, please let me know.

Welcome to the computer world.  Soon, there will be nothing for us to do without a computer—”In the year 5555—your arms hangin’ limp at your sides….”

B Bozzelle  FSwA

Guest Speaker at September 1, 2022 Meeting
Our guest speaker for the recent September meeting, Don Allison. He is a deacon candidate for the Class of 2023. He talked about the types of forgiveness and the forgiveness he dealt within his life.
DSCN0601 - Copy 
Awards Announced at December 2021 Meeting
Linda Mumphrey, Margaret Mannino, Renee Lindsey awarded Lady of the Month, ? awarded First Degree Knight Certificate, Lester Hitchcock award Knight of the Month 
Guest Accepted Something KC and Ladies Auxiliary
Our guest, Norman Boone, accepted a check on the behalf of St. Vincent de Paul from the Ladies Auxiliary.
ken Koehler and Amy Lawler presenting a check to St. Vince DePaul
Group Picture of Potential Knights of Columbus

Awards Announced at November 2021 Meeting                                                                  Mickey Brown was named Knight of the Month for September at recent November 7 meeting. Congratulation to Mickey Brown!!!!!!! See Mickey Brown picture on the Awards and Community Activity page.

Awards Announced at October 2021 Meeting                                                                  Mike Giroir and Marty Mumphrey was named Knight of the Month for September at recent October 7 meeting. Congratulation to Mike Giroir and Marty Mumphrey!!!!!!! See Mike Giroir and Marty Mumphrey picture on the Awards and Community Activity page.

Awards Announced at August 2021 Meeting                                                                        Bill Bozzelle and Curtis Lauret was named Knight of the Month for July and a special award for the Council at recent August 5 meeting. Congratulation to Bill Bozzelle and Curtis Lauret!!!!!! See Bill Bozzelle and Marty Mumphrey picture on the Awards and Community Activity page.

Speaker at July 2019 Meeting
Our guest speaker for the recent July meeting, Deacon Robbin Tomplet. He talks about hospitably towards visitors, guests, and even strangers.  
Speaker at May 2019 Meeting
Our guest speaker for the recent May meeting, Stacy Lamar, MS, M.ED, Program Director from Sanctuary House and St. Patrick House. She talked about the services they offer the community.
Award Announced at April 2019 meeting
EJ Hebert was named Knight of the Month for March at the recent April 4 meeting. Congratulations to EJ Hebert!!!!!!!!!
Speaker at March 2019 meeting
Our guest speaker for the recent March meeting, Connie Anderson, Director of Donor Relations from Evergreen Life Services. She talked about a wheelchair ministry and their services they offer the community.
Award Announced at February 2019 Meeting
John Coco was named Knight of the Month for January at the recent February 7 meeting. Congratulation to John Coco!!!!!!! See John Coco picture on the Photos page.
Awards Announced at January 2019 Meeting
Lester & Lynn Hitchcock was named Family of the Month for December at the recent January 3 meeting. Bryon Hume was named Knight of Month. Congratulations to Lester & Lynn Hitchcock/ Bryon Hume!!!!!!!!!!
Introduce the 2022-2023 Officers
Grand Knight- Joe Lawler                         Recorder- Jimmy Doles                              First Trustee- Jim Cazes
Deputy Grand Knight- Mike Giroir          Inside Guard- Kevin Baronne
Chancellor- Jay Cefalu                              Outside Guard- Bill Coorpender                   
Advocate- Curtis Lauret                            Financial Secretary- Bill Bozzelle
Treasurer/Lecturer- Mickey Brown          Third Trustee- Joseph Mannino
Warden- Butch Pitchford                          Second Trustee- Richard Littrell
Time to Get Your KC Shirt for Spring

The Council’s Membership Director John Ricca asks that you let others know you are a member of the KCs.  Buy a shirt; buy a cap; dust off your name badges and wear them often.  John says, “Wear your Council shirts to mass!”  Others will see the logo and might approach you to want to know more about the Council.  Don’t have a shirt?  Order one – see below.

John can furnish an order form – just give him a call at 753-0393.   Merchandise is available in Green or White and comes in various sizes.  You can even have the logo placed on your “own” shirt, cap, or whatever.  See product descriptions below.  The prices include tax.

Hanes polo shirt, 100% cotton, no pocket, short sleeve.  Green or white.  $23.00 each (XXL is $25.00)

Port Authority Full Button-down shirt, with pocket, 100% twill, button-down collar, short sleeve.  $30.00 each (XXL $32.00)

Port Authority Full Button-down shirt, with pocket, 100% twill, button-down collar, long sleeve.  $37.00 each (XXL $39.00)

Richardson cap, one size fits all. $13.00

KC logo placed on any of your own person items – shirts, caps, aprons, etc. (indicate your item on the form).  $8.68 each logo placement



Binary world

Binary world

Website Director request
Kevin Baronne -our current Website Director ask if anyone has anything they would to put on the website, they should direct the information and photos to