Chaplain                               Fr. Michael MiceliFather Michael

Grand Knight                        Kenneth Koehler kenneth-koehler

Deputy Grand Knight        Joe Lawler

Chancellor                            Mike Giroir

Advocate                                Curtis Lauret

Treasurer/Lecturer           Mickey Brown, SK, PGKIMG_0389

Warden                                 Butch PitchfordIMG_0397

Recorder                               Jimmy Doles

Inside Guard                        Kevin Baronne

Outside Guard                    Lester Hitchcock

Financial Secretary            Bill BozelleIMG_0381

3rd Year Trustee                 Richard Littrell IMG_0383

2nd Year Trustee                Jim Cazes IMG_0387

1st Year Trustee                 Kevin Heltz, SK, PGK Grand Knight Kevin Heltz picture for The Chart

Membership Director                                          Kenneth Koehlerkenneth-koehler

Program Director                                                  Lester Hitchcock

Faith/Culture of Life                                             John CocoIMG_0393

Community/Hab. for Humanity Director      Bryon Hume, SK, PGK

Retention Director                                               Kevin Heltz, SKGrand Knight Kevin Heltz picture for The Chart

Special Olympics Director                              Jim Cazes IMG_0387

Church Activities Director                             Richard LittrellIMG_0383

Community Activities Director                     Bill Bozzelle IMG_0381

Vocations Activities Director                        Walt Rachal, SK

Youth Activities Director                              John LeBlanc

Council Activities Director                           Jay Cefalu, PGKJay Cefalu picture

Food Service Director                                   Marty Mumphrey, PGKIMG_0391

PR / Website Director                                  Kevin Baronne, SK

Communications Director                           Curtis Lauret

Fourth Degree Activities                             Mickey Brown, SK, PGKIMG_0389

Recruitment Director                                  Marty Mumphrey, SK, PGKIMG_0391